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Web Design Services

Boost Your Business with a Professionally Designed, Super-Fast, Search Engine Friendly Website

Are you ready to take the advantage over your competition with a modern website built on next generation technology? Leave your competition in your wake as they struggle to attract new customers with their outdated, slow sites.

Plus, I’ll show you how you can get this exciting next generation page and funnel builder, including hosting, absolutely free – for life. There’s a reason why it’s fast becoming the #1 website builder in the world. 

It’s called GroovePages and you can get your free account here.

The power and versatility of the GroovePages opens new opportunities for us to offer affordable web design services without compromising on quality or speed.

Why is Having a Fast Website Important?

Site load speed is becoming more and more important. It impacts the performance and profitability of your website when it comes to visits and search engines.

Let’s talk about humans first. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. That’s a documented fact. You only have a matter of seconds to let the visitor know what your site is about, who your service or product is for, and how they can get it.

If you don’t provide that information in 3 to 5 seconds, the visitor will simply move onto the next site in the search results.

Imagine if it takes 5 seconds or more for your site to load? People won’t stick around waiting for your page to appear. Your visitor will give you 1 or 2 seconds and if your site hasn’t loaded, they’re gone.

Now, let’s look at the search engines. Google, Bing, and other search engines love fast loading sites. So much so, they will promote fast sites in the search results and demote slow loading webpages.

Load speed is a factor when it comes to where you appear in the search results.

What is Mobile First Indexing and How Does That Affect My Website?

As more and more people are searching for products and services from their mobile devices, it is now essential that sites look great and perform well on phones and tablets

Up until recently businesses could get away with non-responsive sites - now it is critical that sites are designed with mobile users in mind.

Not simply designed to 'resize' on various devices, but laid out to make navigation, reading and item selection easy.

Search engines are taking mobile design seriously too. In July 2019, Google introduced Mobile First Indexing. What this basically means is that Google now predominately uses the mobile content in it's indexing and ranking. Google also scans the mobile content for possible problems that could interfere with the user experience.

Long story short. If your web site isn't mobile optimised it will effect your rankings in the search engines.

All our sites are designed using a Mobile First Strategy. So you are guaranteed that Google and other search engines will love your website.

Fluid Media Solutions Web Design Services

We appreciate that needs vary greatly when it comes to business websites. Some businesses can benefit from a small, well designed 3- or 4-page website, while other businesses need more complex and comprehensive sites, comprising of 10 or more pages with e-commerce or other specialised functionality.

We offer flexible, affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

All our sites are built using the GroovePages platform, are professionally designed, search engine optimised and mobile responsive.

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That's why we prefer to get on a call with you and discuss your business needs. Every business is unique.

After our short chat we will put a proposal together for you that will present the most affordable option without compromising on quality, speed and search engine optimisation.

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